Tuesday, 8 January 2013

donate to syria yukkk!!

Don't say "ill do charity when I'm rich", say "I'll be rich coz I do charity"

2nd humanitarian mission to Syria will be launch on 2nd-10th February 2013. These are some aids to be delivered to our beloved brothers there Inshaa Allah.
1. Food Basket/Flour.
2. Blanket for winter.
3. Infant milk.
4. First aid kit.

 Keep praying.

Untuk sumbangan/To donate:
No. Acc: 5622-1820-7666
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
E-mail: malaysia4syria@gmail.com
Tel no: +60361770786/+60132226057

kesian tengok budak ni. dia ni pelarian syria yang tinggal dekat turkey. jual roti sebab nak sara hidup. makanan yang dia nak jual kena tiup angin :'( he cried over pieces of breads. we cry over...?

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