Thursday, 2 August 2012

Chilli's Grill & Bar Restaurant, Mid Valley, The Gardens

sekarang baru nak cerita. sekurun yang lepas kitorang makan dekat Chilli's Grill & Bar Restaurant, Mid Valley, jalan jalan after karaoking at red box. Ni makanan yang ktorang order.

The appetizer was the best among all the dishes that we've tried here. Triple play RM 24.95. Delicious fried cheese, wings over buffalo and chicken crisper. Served with dipping sauces. Freaking delicious gwa cakap sama lu.. Portion for 3 persons.

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Lamb shoulder. Price:- RM30++, lupa but almost RM40 la *head shot*
Marinated grilled lamb shoulder with served with mashed potato and black pepper gravy. Shouldn't ordered this meals..shouldn't! unless you like to eat fat pads of the shoulder. tak banyak isi daging..but the black paper gravy was good. maybe kambing tu tak workout so lemak bermaharajalela kumpul kat shoulder 

Chicken Spaghetti?? Sliced chicken breast on spaghetti with tomato sauce, cheese and garlic bread. The taste was just ok-ok la..I think the price was about RM20-23.It's not that i'm not a big fan of spagetti, BUT THIS IS COOKABLE BY DUMMY LIKE ME..

Firecracker Fish..Grilled fish grilled with spicy glaze. got additional rice for this menu..OKKKK lupa harga dia berapa..dah berkurun pergi  makan kat chilli's

I tend to be quite calculative when spending money on expensive foods, it is crucial to choose menu yang betul so that you don't mengomel2 sambil makan. Food presentations and decorations was superb.I think most of the foods here are supposed to be delicious but we didn't pick the right one. So we walked out from chilli's with disappointment for not being able to finish the dishes..ya allah ampunilah kami, hihi and had to pay for the price that can support our perut untuk breakfast nasi lemak seminggu

So at last we came up with a conclusion that, "We should just order their burgers!". Nothing ever goes wrong with burger am i right??

very large portion..nasib baik pinggan is bigger than my face.

Chillis Restaurant & Bar
G Floor, Lot E011B, Mid Valley

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